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HawkenAQ combines real time monitoring and the latest worldwide standards to give you confidence in the air quality of your building.

One Building Wide Dashboard for Air Quality

HawkenAQ is the only solution that generates a unique real time score of the air quality in your building using the latest recommendations from CDC, ASHRAE, and more to give you and your customers confidence in the air quality of your building.

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Air Quality

HawkenAQ combines the latest worldwide standards in indoor air quality with leading health research to track and score the air quality of your building in real time.

Occupant Wellness

Monitor critical wellness metrics such as occupancy levels, utilization, and cleaning status for rooms across your building. Immediately notify building maintenance teams of air quality issues through automated alerts.

Standards Based

Our system captures live metrics building-wide and benchmarks them against a variety of leading worldwide standards in air quality and occupant health.

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Summary View

Our special simplified dashboard promotes peace of mind to customers and employees alike by showing a summary of the most important metrics in your building.

Monitor View

The detailed Monitor view brings together metrics from throughout your building into one dashboard, giving your building teams 24/7 visibility into every aspect of air quality in your building.


Track filter changes, BPI changes and more through customizable alerts that immediately inform your building maintenance team of any air quality issues.


Visitor Dashboard

Our live monitor is specifically designed to give your customers and employees confidence in your building's air quality from the moment they enter the building. It's built for public display in staff rooms or customer entryways, and can be branded and customized to perfectly suit your needs.

Occupant Wellness

Monitor health-related metrics including room occupancy, utilization, and cleaning status. Automatically notify staff when a room is in need of cleaning, and track cleaning status over time.

Getting Back to Work

Research shows that improving building ventilation to recommended levels can have the same effect as vaccinating 50% of the building occupants against influenza virus.[1]
Most buildings do not meet these recommendations.

Give your customers confidence in the air quality of your buildings through real time, standards based monitoring by HawkenAQ.


Built for Scale

Portfolio Ready

HawkenAQ is designed from the ground up for portfolios large and small. Whether you have 1 building or 1000, your teams can view trends across your entire portfolio or drill down to an individual sensor, all from one simple dashboard.

Global Platform

We're built on top of Commander, a next-gen IoT platform deployed in dozens of cities around the world. Through Commander we quickly deploy to >80% of commercial and retail buildings. So whether you're in NYC or Sydney, we've got you covered.


Built on a Proven Platform

Give your visitors confidence in the air quality of your buildings.

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Give your visitors confidence in the air quality of your buildings.

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[1] Smieszek, T., Lazzari, G. & Salathé, M. Assessing the Dynamics and Control of Droplet- and Aerosol-Transmitted Influenza Using an Indoor Positioning System. Sci Rep 9, 2185 (2019).